New Hope,
Better Life



Hugel conducts various social contribution activities to form a warm-hearted and beautiful society.

Briquettes of love

Hugel donates charcoal briquettes and employees join together to deliver the briquettes every year to support energy-disadvantaged social groups,
consistently practicing good neighborly duties.

  • Cumulative briquette donations
  • Employee delivery households
    14,200ea. 60households
  • Consistent sharing
    8th year

Real Me Campaign

Hugel's cosmetic brand “Wellage” donates various cosmetics products to underprivileged social groups in the blind spots of beauty care to enable them to improve
their quality of life with a healthy and confident appearance.

  • Cumulative quantity
  • Cumulative item
  • Cumulative count
    2nd year

Life-filling blood drive

The employees of each workplace in Hugel are participating in the “life-filling blood drive” campaign to save precious lives.

  • Cumulative participants
    More than40persons
  • Number of donation times
    2nd year

Contribution to the local community

Hugel conducts social contribution activities for those in need across the local community. Hugel supports colleges as repositories for talent cultivation, as well as academic projects
and various cultural activities conducted by the local government.

  • Contributions
  • Supported organizations
  • Consistent sharing
    7th year

Global CSR

Hugel, global leader in medical aesthetics is expanding global CSR activities beyond Korea

  • Supported organizations
    1 organizations
  • Consistent sharing