Innovation to Beauty and Health

Open Innovation

We aim for active open innovation for developing new products and technology,
meeting the needs of practitioners and customers.
  • HA Filler
  • PDO Thread
  • Hypertrophic Scar
  • Lipolysis Injectable
Hugel will continue its R&D investment and strengthen partnerships with global pharmaceutical companies to lead the biomedicine industry.

Bio-specialized Accelerator

  • Year2017

    Registered as accelerator and TIPS operating company

  • 8Companies

    TIPS investment company

  • KRW38bn

    Accumulated amount of follow-up investments into 8 companies

Venture companies supported by Hugel have been proven for their technology,
such as by attracting KRW38bn in investment,
being selected as a national R&D task, and being selected by Europe’s
largest startup conference, SLUSH 100.