Innovation to Beauty and Health

Status of Government R&D Project

Item Project Title Supporting
Participation type
Biomaterials Development of biodegradable micro-needle medicines for skin diseases Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy overseeing
Biomedicine Preclinical testing and IND Application / Approval for treatment and prevention of curable hypertrophic scars using RNAi technology Korea Drug Development Fund overseeing
Medical Equipment Development of minimized, light rotor that injects medicines of high density and elasticity into skin Small and Medium Business Administration (Korea Industrial Complex Corporation) participation
New biomedicine Protein R&D for nerve synapse control Ministry of Education, Science & Technology participation
Biomaterials Commercialization of biomaterials for painless tissue restoration, reproduction and adhesion protection using hyaluronic acid for viscoelasticity control Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (Gangwon Company Movement & Investment Support Committee Organization) overseeing