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Hugel Participates in IMCAS ASIA 2022, Holding an Exclusive Academic Symposium

Hugel Participates in IMCAS ASIA 2022, Holding an Exclusive Academic Symposium

- Participation of more than 250 medical officials in Asia in Hugel’s exclusive academic symposium

- Presenting utilization of Aestox, speakers on each procedural area giving a lecture 


Hugel, a global total medical esthetic company (Sohn Ji-hoon, CEO), announced on Oct. 6 that the company participated in IMACS Asia 2022 for three days from Sept. 29 to Oct. 1. 


IMCAS Asia is an Asian academic congress of IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science), one of the world’s top three beauty and plastic surgery research conferences, and its authority is acknowledged for providing various academic content from the latest knowledge related to the beauty and plastic surgery field to passing on its knowhow. This year’s event was held in the Athenee Hotel in Bangkok, and over 2,000 medical officials attended.


Hugel joined the Industrial Session of this conference hosting an exclusive academic symposium on “Making the best use of Botulinum Toxin: Advanced Techniques in Korea.” 

This symposium, in particular, provided in-depth lectures on procedural methods of each region and the facial anatomy of its basis, along with unique and strong features of Aestox, Korea’s representative botulinum toxin, drawing unusually much attention to an industrial session with over 250 attendees. 


Starting with Dr. Won Lee’s “Dynamic evaluation of facial muscles: 3D skin displacement vector analysis using a facial painting model,” lectures were presented in the following order: Dr. Gi Woong Hong’s “Periorbital rejuvenation with Letibotulinum toxin A,” Dr. Ik Soo Koh’s “Uncommon location for Letibotulinum toxin A usages,” and Dr. Changwoon Yun’s “Mouth corner lifting by DAO muscle and cobble stone appearance correction.” 


The presentation ended with Dr. Jeongmok Cho’s “Immunology, purity, duration, and potency of botulinum toxin,” followed by a Q&A session led by Dr. Hyoung Jin Moon, the vice president of Hugel’s medical division, receiving enthusiastic responses from attendees. 


An official from Hugel stated “This exclusive symposium has offered an opportunity to make the excellence and safety of Aestox known to the Asian market, which is the market leader in the Korean botulinum toxin market and the first of its kind to make inroads in the Chinese and European markets. Meanwhile, it enhanced Hugel’s status globally” The official added, “Hugel will continue to promote broader exchanges with medical experts overseas by participating in various academic events.”  

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